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How I found glaring errors in Einstein´s calculations

Albert-Einstein-Wallpaper-DesktopCall me radical, call me a maverick. Rather than slavishly swallowing the scientific orthodoxy from establishment textbooks, I decided to go back to the original papers. I have identified several embarassing errors of mathematics and physical reasoning in Einstein’s...

Latin America; the only region where murder rates increased in this century: UN

mapaIn most of Latin America, a youth with Axel’s background—gangs, drugs, knife-fights, joblessness—would cringe at such attention from a burly police commander. But Axel stands bolt upright and admits: “My life was utter chaos”.

We thought trees and fungi were socialist, but they’re actually capitalist

9657575049 cb771d6faf oThe coexistence between trees and fungi is supposed to be very peaceful. Fungi grow on the roots of a plant, providing nitrogen to it in exchange for carbon, in a nearly perfect symbiotic exchange.


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